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Sprint Discontinues Virgin Mobile Prepaid Brand

For the past few months, it has been unclear whether or not Sprint will continue to operate on its own or as part of the New T-Mobile brand. There hasn't been much information available on the progress of the proposed merger ever since the holidays started.

So far, we already know that Dish Network is interested to step in and be the fourth competitor in the wireless carrier industry. And as part of that deal, Dish has promised to purchase $3.6 billion worth of 800 MHz spectrum and $1.4 billion worth of Sprint's prepaid businesses, namely Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. But as it turns out, Virgin Mobile won't be included in that acquisition anymore.

Earlier today, it was reported that Sprint has quietly discontinued its Virgin Mobile service in the country. The report comes from several Reddit posters and was even confirmed on the prepaid brand's support webpages.

Along with this decision, Sprint has revealed that it will be transferring its Virgin Mobile customers to Boost Mobile starting February. And as part of that move, there will be a "comparable or better" service plan that will be offered to these customers in "most instances" no extra charge. The best part is, customers will not have to change their phone numbers.

The only major change that Virgin Mobile customers will have to encounter is the fact that PayPal will no longer be supported as a mode of payment on Boost Mobile. So if you are a customer who uses PayPal to make your payments, you will have to choose another option.

This decision does not really come as a surprise. Not to mention, there have been reports that supported Virgin Mobile phones have disappeared from Walmart and Best Buy stores. But it does make it more convenient for Dish to provide service to the prepaid brands under Sprint, since there will be only one brand left.

Source: Fierce Wireless 


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  1. I think they also got rid of Sprint Forward (Sprint Prepaid) a few months ago in a similar manner.

  2. This makes perfect sense why would you keep so many different brands?

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