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Tracfone Reportedly Working On SmartSIM Program

It looks like there Tracfone is planning to offer a SmartSIM program real soon. With this SIM card, users can automatically be connected to the best wireless service without any interruptions.

According to a report by Fierce Wireless, the MVNO is currently in the early stages of the offer. It was first noticed by Wave7 Research's Jeff Moore, who saw a short video on SmartSIM from Straight Talk and Simple Mobile, two Tracfone-owned brands. The video asked "What if there was a wireless brand that instantly connected you to the strongest cellular network? Our new SmartSIM plan takes the guesswork out of choosing the best service."

Recipients of the marketing video were prompted to input their zip code to check whether or not the service is already available in their area. Surprisingly, the major zip codes for Dallas, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York show that "SmartSIM isn't available in your area yet, get notified when it arrives."

Many could not help but compare SmartSIM with Google Fi. There are even some who are believe that Tracfone may have purchased or leased Fi. Or at the very least, followed the model of Google Fi. Considering its success, the latter could be a possibility. But it's hard to know what the right scenario is. 

As of this writing, Tracfone and América Móvil (its parent company) have not responded to requests for comments. This could be because the program is still under the early stages of its marketing and that the service has not yet been rolled out for commercial use.

Source: Fierce Wireless

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