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Virgin Mobile Returning Ownership to Virgin Group, Tello Welcomes Affected Customers

Yesterday, it was revealed that Sprint discontinued its Virgin Mobile prepaid brand in the US. The big announcement showed that the existing customers of the prepaid brand will be transferred to Sprint's other prepaid brand, Boost Mobile, which could soon be owned by Dish Network.

After the announcement was made, a Virgin Mobile representative spoke to The Verge on what will happen to the brand. Apparently, the Virgin Mobile brand will go back to Virgin Group (its original owner). And as of this writing, the executives of the company are still deciding whether they will relaunch the brand in the US under a new identity.

The representative shared:

As part of the remedy process laid out by the Department of Justice for the merger of Sprint and T-Mobile, Sprint is transferring its pre-pay mobile brands to Dish. To facilitate this move Virgin Group has agreed with Sprint to transfer existing Virgin Mobile US customers to the Boost brand ahead of the sale to Dish. Following the transfer, Virgin will take back the Virgin Mobile brand for the US. We are delighted that after a period of uncertainty caused by the protracted merger discussions, we have control of our valuable brand once again and will now work on options to relaunch a modern mobile offer in the US.  

While the Virgin Group continues to study its move after the announcement, it's possible that its Virgin Mobile USA customers could be long gone. As Sprint announced, they will start transferring their customers to Boost Mobile starting February.

In the meantime, Tello Mobile, an MVNO that operates under Sprint's network, has reached out to us to invite affected customers to port their number to them. Since the two operate under Sprint's network, it's possible for customers to keep their phone and SIM.

Tello has also shared their plan options that could easily be customized according to the needs of the customers. And as explained yesterday, the big change that Virgin Mobile customers could experience with the transfer to Boost Mobile is that they will no longer get PayPal as an option for payments. With Tello, customers can continue using this method to pay for their plans.

If you are interested in porting your number to Tello, here is a detailed guide on how you can do this.

Source: The Verge, Tello


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  1. I am a happy Tello customer. You can customize the plans based on your needs or there is a pay as you go option. They have a good customer service as well. As long as Sprint works for you!
    Sign up from this referral and each of us get $10 https://tello.com/account/register?_referral=P343GNG4

  2. I was a happy tello user until they adopted their new paygo policy which is not competitive. I switched to Ultra, which is not easy to do because one has to get the sim card at a T-Mobile corporate.

    I am hoping that if the merger is blocked, tello might go back to their previous paygo policy.

    1. So now instead of paying 1c-1c-2c with Tello you are paying 10c for each minute or text and cannot get mobile date without buying a limited $5 or $10 data pass. How is that "competitive?" If you barely use your phone there are more "competitive" carriers to choose than T-Mobile PayGo managed by Ultra.

    2. Ultra is competitive because I do not need data and I only use about 10 to 15 minutes or texts per month. So it is unlikely to cost me more than three dollars per month.

      Tello costs more that that even if I do not use my phone since they adopted their new paygo policy.

      I would have gone with Red Pocket on Sprint if I did not have to pay a year in advance as it is less than Ultra.

      So, both Ultra and Red Pocket are more competitive for low usage customers like me.

  3. What's going to happen to the Assurance Wireless sub-brand under Virgin Mobile?

    1. Sprint and the New T-Mobile will continue to offer Lifeline plans, as promised in their FCC filing and Congressional testimony.

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