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Wing MVNO Adds Support for T-Mobile's Networks

Back in 2017, a couple of millionaire millennials launched an MVNO service that offered service to other individuals within their age group. The service, called Wing, launched offered service under Sprint's network before it added AT&T as another network provider.

Today, it looks like the MVNO is adding a third MVNO partner-- T-Mobile.

The report comes from a Reddit post. The poster shared that a chat support agent mentioned to him that the MVNO is now offering T-Mobile service. The representative shared that Wing is now offering T-Mobile One for $50 and T-Mobile One+ for $55.

As of this writing, there is no official announcement made by the MVNO service. They have not launched any ad campaign for the new network partner that they now offer. But we'll be sure to include further information once it becomes available.

You can read the forum post here. To learn more about Wing, visit their website.

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