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Altice Mobile: Increasing Price for New Customers

Altice Mobile has just unveiled a new price for new subscribers. Instead of paying $20 per line per month, new subscribers will have to pay $30.

The announcement was made yesterday during its earnings call with its investors. The Sprint MVNO reported that it had a total of 69,000 subscriber lines by the end of Q4 2019. This number accounts for 2 percent of its broadband customers.

They also experienced an increase in its mobile revenue. During the quarter, the MVNO earned $18 million compared to the $3 million earned from the previous quarter.

It's important to note that the mobile service was only launched in September 2019. When it launched, Altice offered one unlimited plan to its existing Optimum and Suddenlink customers for $20 per month. Anyone who wanted to sign up for service outside of these two brands would have to pay $30 per month.

With today's announcement however, all new customers will have to pay the same $30 per month per line rate.

In the earnings call, CEO Dexter Goei shared: "Looking at industry matrices, this penetration growth is ahead of what we've seen from other MVNO launches by about two times faster."

The CEO referred to the mobile offerings of other MVNOs like Charter's Spectrum Mobile and Comcast's Xfinity Mobile. Just a few weeks ago, Charter reported that its MVNO service passed the 1 million subscriber count during Q4 2019. Meanwhile, Xfinity Mobile was able to reach its 2 million subscriber count. These two MVNOs use the networks of Verizon.

The CEO also shared:

"Altice Mobile has been ramping up since we launched in September, as we continue to expand our handset lineup and opened multiple sales channels."

The CEO shared that they will soon be launching new handsets this year that will encourage "a strong switching cycle."

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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