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Black Wireless Running $25/Month Plan Offer Under T-Mobile Network

Black Wireless, an MVNO that operates under AT&T's network is currently offering a plan under a rival network provider.

As seen on SlickDeals, the MVNO has started offering a $25 per month plan under T-Mobile's network. This plan comes with unlimited talk and text, 50GB of 4G LTE data, 20GB of additional mobile hotspot data per month, and international calling. Originally, this plan costs $40 per month but it is available at a discount.

The deal also requires a multi-month purchase. You will need to purchase at least 3 months of service. You may also opt for six months or one year of service. The price for the multi-month purchase would be:

  • 3 months of service - $75 + taxes
  • 6 months of service - $150 + taxes
  • 12 months of service - $300 + taxes

You can click on the link to know more about the deal. 

Source: SlickDeals 


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  1. Can the special price be renewed every term?

  2. Don't try it. They have been "down for maintenance" for over a week. You will not be able to activate.

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