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Boom! Mobile Unveils New Annual Plan at $19.92 per Month

Earlier this week, Boom! Mobile unveiled a free trial plan. It looks like the MVNO is on a roll as it launches another plan.

Today, Boom! Mobile has taken the wraps off of a new annual plan that costs $239.04 annually or $19.92 per month. This plan, called the Xtreme Plan, comes with unlimited everything and 5GB at 4G LTE data speed.

The annual plan is available across the three networks that Boom! Mobile carries, namely T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. But since they are bound by a contract and cannot disclose these networks, Boom! refers to each as boom! PINK, boom! RED, and boom! BLU.

The annual plan can be used for a total of 360 days. Once the allotted 5GB of data per month is used up before the month is over, the speed is slowed down to 2G.

This plan is available for port-ins and new numbers only. The price already includes taxes and fees. You can purchase this plan here.


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