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Boost Mobile Founder & Former CEO Not Giving Up After Merger Approval

Earlier today, a decision regarding the Sprint-T-Mobile merger has been made. U.S. District Court Judge Victor Marrero decided that the proposed merger will be allowed to progress even with the lawsuit filed by 14 state attorneys general. And of course, this merger means that Boost Mobile, one of the assets of Sprint, would be sold to Dish network. This is something that founder and former CEO Peter Adderton is opposed to.

Adderton has since been vocal about his stand with the proposed merger. The executive closely kept an eye on how things were going and even used his social media accounts to share his sentiments. He even ran an informal vote via Twitter last week on the chances of the merger being approved. Majority of the vote, however, said that it would be approved.

Now that the decision of the judge has been announced, Adderton shared:

"I think the point's being missed. It just shows the state AGs didn't do as good a job. From my perspective, the fight isn't over. It isn't over by a long shot."

Meanwhile, Dish co-founder and Chairman Charlie Ergen shared that they are eager to serve the customers of Boost Mobile. They are also planning to aggressively grow the business as a new competitor, which was one of the agreements of the merger.

"We look forward to the Boost employees and dealers joining the Dish family."

When asked whether there was an option for Adderton and his investors to regain ownership of the Boost brand, the executive shares that there will opportunities to re-invest in the business. While there are no commitments imposed on Dish, the executive is not too keen on stopping the fight.

"I'm not giving. Absolutely, we're going to be fighting hard. Dish could prove us wrong... I just don't think that that's likely. Stay tuned."

Source: Fierce Wireless 


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