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Google Fi Customers Under T-Mobile's Network Experience 5G

Last year, Google Fi made an important announcement that it would be offering 5G mobile services. This is all because of its partnership with Sprint and T-Mobile. And the good news is, the MVNO has finally made this come true for its customers with 5G-capable devices.

According to reports, customers have already been able to access T-Mobile's 5G network in areas where it is available. As reported, however, the network speed is far from 5G speeds. One user in New York was able to get a speed of 135Mbps download/ 42Mbps upload). The cellular indicator on his device also showed that the phone has connected to "5G/LTE/3G/2G" network.

Hopefully, this will improve soon as 5G networks become more available throughout the country.

Source: Phone Arena 


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  1. This is very interesting. We should not be extra charged for 5G data. It is a natural evolution of technology and hopefully this stops extortionists such as Verizon for upcharing the price for 5G service. More power to Tmobile and Sprint for flipping the switch to Fi customers (Fi is a bad name; I am not the only one who thinks that). Good day.

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