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Here are the Current Promotions on the iPhone 7

The Apple iPhone 7 is currently available at $99 at these prepaid brands.

Boost Mobile

The Sprint prepaid brand recently reset its promotion and repriced the iPhone 7. New customers can get the iPhone 7 for $29.99.

Boost Mobile launched this promotion last January 28 and is still ongoing until April 2, 2020 or while supplies last. There is a limit of one device per line. They also require port-ins and activation on eligible plans of at least $50 and unlimited family plans.

The promotion is not applicable on port-ins from Sprint-related carriers. The discount will be applied toward phone purchase.  This is also an in-store only promotion.

Metro by T-Mobile

Another carrier that is offering a discounted price on the iPhone 7 is Metro by T-Mobile. The T-Mobile prepaid brand has priced this device at $99.99 for switchers.

The prepaid brand requires ID validation to get the offer. Instead of paying $399.99 on the device, you'll only have to pay $99.99. There is no mention of an end date on this promotion.

Read more about this offer here.

AT&T Prepaid

Lastly, AT&T Prepaid is running a Walmart-exclusive offer on the iPhone 7. Like the former, the AT&T prepaid brand is selling the device for $99.

You will need to purchase and activate the device in-store. It requires activation under a $50 or higher plan with AutoPay billing enrolment. The first month of service is due upon purchase, along with taxes.

This offer is set to end on June 14, 2020.

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