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Prepaid Brands Change Their Taglines

The numbers for national TV advertising from January are in. And based on those findings, Consumer Cellular landed on the top 100 national TV ad spending. Looking at the list, there are no other wireless providers that have been included in the top 100.

With the topic of advertising, Consumer Cellular, Boost Mobile, and Metro by T-Mobile has just unveiled its new taglines:

  • Consumer Cellular: "See How Much You Can Save"
  • Boost Mobile: "Step Up With Boost Mobile"
  • Metro by T-Mobile: "Rule Your Day"

Along with the new taglines, the prepaid brands have also highlighted their existing offers. For example, Boost Mobile is offering 4 unlimited lines for $100. The Sprint prepaid brand also has an exclusive offer to switchers who can get four Samsung Galaxy A20 phones for free. 

Metro by T-Mobile, on the other hand, highlighted its unlimited LTE data plan that costs $40 per month. 

The new commercials can be viewed here: 

Source: BestMVNO 

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