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Simple Mobile Now Offering 50GB Cloud Storage on One of Its Plans

Simple Mobile has just unveiled a new feature that they offer on one of its plans. Starting today, customers of the $60 per month plan can enjoy 50GB of cloud storage from the T-Mobile MVNO.

Not a lot of providers offer this extra feature. Apart from Simple Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile is the only one that offers 100GB of Google cloud storage on their two unlimited plans. Simple Mobile's cloud storage, however, uses its own system and not Google's.

This storage space can be used to back up photos, videos, and contacts. Users can even organize this into manageable, searchable, and synced folders across devices at no additional fees. Another upside to using the MVNO's in house storage service is that photos and "gifts" may be printed from the cloud for a fee.

The $60 per month plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE data. It also comes with 15GB mobile hotspot.

To learn more about Simple Mobile's plans, visit this website.


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  1. They can keep their cloud storage. How about 50GB of hotspot instead?

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