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Straight Talk & Simple Mobile Offering Deal on iPhone 7

Earlier this year, several prepaid carriers offered a discount on purchases made on the Apple iPhone 7. Even though the device was launched four years ago, it still manages to pack a punch. That's because Apple's products have always been known for their longevity. Another thing that iPhone devices are known for is that they don't lose too much value during their early years.

This is very true with brand new Apple iPhone 7 devices currently being sold in the market. These devices can cost anywhere between $350 and $400, despite their age. Prepaid carriers, meanwhile, are offering these phones at just $200 when you switch and activate service.

Right now, the two carriers that have jumped in on the bandwagon and offered a discount on the iPhone 7 are Straight Talk Wireless and Simple Mobile. Straight Talk is currently offering the 32GB variant of the iPhone 7 at $200 at Walmart. Meanwhile, Simple Mobile is also doing a price match with Amazon's $499.99 price on the same iPhone 7 variant.

The choice now depends on which of these two deals you feel is best. You can check out the deal on the links above.

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