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Ting Mobile Now Offering Service on Three Networks

Ting Mobile now offers service on the three major mobile networks in the country.

Prior to today's big news, Ting Mobile only offered service under Sprint and Verizon's networks. Now, they have added T-Mobile as their third mobile network operator, only that they did not specifically name the carrier they offer service on because their contracts prohibit them to disclose this.

Now that they have expanded their coverage with the third network provider, Ting Mobile is able to provide assistance to its customers who are looking for the best networks. They have systems in place that determines the best network based on a number of factors. Among these factors include geographical location, device compatibility, and active network.

If you have a specific network that you want service to be activated on, Ting recommends getting in touch with one of their customer service representatives to make a request. You can view their blog page to read more about their announcement.

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