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Venn Mobile: New MVNO with $30/month Unlimited Everything Plan

Back in January, a new MVNO was silently launched to the public under the name Venn Mobile. As investigated by another website, they discovered that the MVNO is run by the same people behind T-Mobile business plan reseller, Teltik. But unlike Teltik, Venn Mobile follows a different strategy and uses Sprint's network towers.

Right now, they only have one plan option available. The plan costs $30 per month and comes with unlimited talk, text, data, and 50GB of mobile hotspot. It also includes 1080p video streaming, free domestic roaming with 100MB roaming data, unlimited calling and texting, Wi-Fi calling, free calls to and from Mexico and Canada, and 10GB LTE data roaming in Mexico and Canada.

Considering it's a Sprint MVNO, taxes and fees are not yet included in the price and will cost extra. But according to SlickDeals, new customers can pay $21 per month for their first six months of service when they use SAVE9 coupon code upon checkout. Customers with a Sprint number cannot port directly to the plan.

It's important to remember that it does come with a data prioritization policy in place, just like all unlimited data plans do. Customers that go over the 50GB of high-speed data within a billing cycle will have their data speeds temporarily slowed down during times of network traffic.

One important thing to note is that Venn Mobile says it uses "secure WiFi", which is a smart VPN app that automatically switches on when an unsecure WiFi network is connected to by the device. When it disconnects, the app also turns off.

To know more about Venn Mobile, visit this website.

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  1. Um, too bad it's on the Sprint network.

    1. What's wrong with that?

    2. Sprint is mostly horrible and slow in a lot of places, and they don't have the drive to expand their network further. Now they are just surviving on their last leg, hoping for the merger to go through so SoftBank can get out of this losing business.

    3. May be your experience.
      Mine is that your description is applicable to t-mo and Sprint works well for me.

    4. Sprint works extremely well out here in my remote corner of the world.

      Unfortunately, if I go to other remote areas that are roaming areas, it works very poorly. I was roaming recently and could not even send an SMS, voice barely worked, and data was a bad joke.

      So I use Sprint because there is no wired internet offered here and Sprint gives unlimited data, but I have a Verizon backup for traveling.

  2. What does mean "free domestic roaming" ? Do we have any roaming in usa for any provider type?

    1. Sure.
      My Sprint service roams onto VZW in some areas.
      When I had T-mo it was on at&t towers more than on native T-mo.
      Most MVNO's are native MNO only. Some will offer an extended network that will provide coverage closer to what you might see with postpaid MNO service, usually for voice and messaging only, IF data also it is a very limited amount.

      There is a reason MVNOs are cheaper. Usually 1 native MNO only (Fi uses 3), deprioritized data and generally lower tier (to abysmal) customer service.

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