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AT&T: Unveiling a $15 Plan to Its Prepaid Brands

We've already seen some of the ways that carriers are responding to the COVID-19 outbreak in the country. And earlier this week, T-Mobile announced that it will be launching its affordable Connect Plans earlier than planned. Following this example, AT&T has decided to do its part by unveiling an affordable plan for both AT&T Prepaid and Cricket Wireless customers.

Starting tomorrow, March 27th, customers of the two prepaid brands will be able to enjoy a $15 plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, and 2GB data. When the allotted data is used up, customers will encounter slower data speeds for the rest of the billing cycle.

According to AT&T, this new plan is available to both new and current customers. In addition to the allotted 2GB data, customers will be getting 10GB extra data for the next two months.

AT&T has also extended this offer to Cricket customers on the $30/2GB and $40/5GB capped plans. The company will be giving 10GB data for two billing cycles that users can opt to use either on their device or as mobile hotspot data. AT&T Prepaid customers on a capped plan will also get 10GB data for the next two months at no extra cost.

Meanwhile, customers on an unlimited plan will get extra data as well. These are what they can enjoy:

  • $55 unlimited plan (Cricket) - 10GB data for mobile hotspot usage
  • $60 unlimited plan (Cricket) - 10GB data for mobile hotspot usage on top of the 15GB data that comes with their plan
  • Unlimited Plus plan (AT&T Prepaid) - 10GB extra tethering data per month for two months

To know more about this offer, visit AT&T's announcement here

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  1. Thanks AT&T for this great offer. Would it be possible in the future to continue to offer a 2 G plan. This would be a great plan for senior citizens.

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