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Concerns Rise After Metro by T-Mobile Lays Off Employees

With its proposed merger with Sprint coming to a close on April 1st, there are reports that its Metro by T-Mobile prepaid brand has laid off several employees.

The report comes from LightReading, who shares that a large number of inside staff employed by the prepaid brand were let go of by the company. The publication cited three sources as its source.

Ever since news about the termination broke, the Communications Workers of America (CWA) has issued a statement reminding everyone of their previous analysis. The group was against the merger because they anticipated that the merger would end up in 30,000 jobs lost.

In its statement, CWA President Chris Shelton wrote:

"T-Mobile is so eager to pad its executives' bank accounts that they couldn't even wait until the merger has gone through to start firing people. Since this deal was first announced, we've been sounding the alarm that the merger means tens of thousands of job cuts are coming. Sure enough, here they are. If the merger passes the final hurdles, we can expect thousands more. That's why these workers need a voice at the table to protect their jobs and wages."

When the merger was first proposed, many of those who opposed it were concerned about the redundancy that both companies would encounter. Since many of its stores would be eliminated, this was a major cause of concern. But when Dish stepped into the picture and promised it would acquire Sprint's prepaid brand, Boost Mobile, the concerns were put to rest. The executives earlier made a promise that they would not fire Sprint employees. But they did not address dealers, who were not direct employees.

As of this writing, T-Mobile is not answering any of these reports.

Source: FierceWireless 


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  1. It is sad when people lose jobs due to mergers. There was obviously no requirement from the FTC, the FCC or other regulatory boards when they granted the OK to the merger for not throwing workers under the truck. Sad

  2. Why is anybody surprised?

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