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FreeUP Mobile Now Owned By New Company

FreeUP Mobile has just made a huge change to its business. The company is now owned by Ztar Mobile.

This move was discovered by Wave7 Research and confirmed by BestMVNO. According to the report, Ztar Mobile acquired the AT&T MVNO last February 1, 2020.

Usually, when an MVNO is acquired by a company, there are some plan changes that take place. Ztar Mobile, however, has not yet announced any major changes to the newly acquired MVNO. But there is a thread on HowardForums with users sharing that FreeUP Mobile has since been sending an email to customers that their grandfathered free plans will have changes on April 1.

According to the post, customers under this plan will automatically be migrated to a new plan offering with 250 minutes of talk and 250 text messages per month. This continues to be a free plan. But in order to continue the free plan, customers need to manually confirm their subscription every month.

Ztar Mobile also owns Good2Go Mobile, another MVNO. The company is a Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) that works with private labeled wireless services and software solutions. In a nutshell, they serve as the middle men between the carrier networks and MVNOs.

Source: BestMVNO 

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  1. Keep in mind that the free plan is not offered to new customers. FreeUp stopped offering free plans December 2019. This only applies to customers with existing free plans.

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