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Meet Visible Wireless' Newest Celebrity Endorser

Verizon's Visible brand now has a new celebrity endorser. The prepaid brand sent out a tweet of a video ad to announce their newest endorser, Dan Levy.

Dan Levy is the son of famous actor, Eugene Levy. Dan an accomplished actor himself, is also a writer for a Canadian TV sitcom called Schitt's Creek. This sitcom is on Netflix and stars his own father.

The big reveal showcases Visible's $40 per month all-in phone service. It's important to note that Visible has directly pointed out that they use Verizon's towers to operate. This is because the other MVNOs are not permitted to specify their network provider.

You can view the new ad with Dan Levy here:


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  1. Is this also at the greedy stingy 5-12 Mbps download that Verizonis offering on their new Yahoo Mobile plans? Is so....FAIL

    1. there are some good speed tests posted on youtube

    2. That language in the Ts & Cs mirrors that used by Verizon and is not characteristic of actual speeds.

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