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Metro by T-Mobile Announces Dealer Compensation Floor

During this difficult time, companies are doing their best to help out with their employees and other partners the best way they can. For its own part, Metro by T-Mobile has unveiled how it intends to provide assistance to their dealers.

Earlier today, it sent out a memo to its dealers. The memo read:

"Compensation Floor: Due to the uncertainty of the current situation, Metro by T-Mobile will be establishing a Dealer Compensation Floor for the month of March 2020. We will ensure that all Exclusive Dealers receive a minimum compensation equal to February's 2020 compensation achievement to be paid at the door level with additional details to follow on any payout date. This is for Metro by T-Mobile sales only and excludes all non-Metro by T-Mobile products including but not limited to accessories sold in the store."

This is definitely a great move on Metro by T-Mobile's part, especially during this difficult time.

To read up on how other carriers are doing their part in helping their customers, visit this site.


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