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Save $100 on Google Pixel 3a and Google Pixel 3a XL

Two Google Pixel devices are on sale today. As announced on Amazon, the Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL are currently discounted.

If you decide to get your hands on either device, you can save $100 on your purchase.

The price of these phones are now:

  • Google Pixel 3a - $299.99
  • Google Pixel 3a XL - $379.99

The colors available for the Pixel 3a include the Clearly White, Just Black, and Purple-ish version. Meanwhile, the Pixel 3a XL colors available include the Just Black and Clearly White version.

These two devices are being sold new and unlocked so they should be compatible with major US carriers. 

For more information on these two phones, visit these pages: 1, 2


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  1. This is a great phone series! Pix3a for 249$ at Bbuy feels like a premium phone with its great pure Android10 feel & great quality camera. Hands down great buy atleast till 5G service becomes more wide spread & affordable by this time next year.

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