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Some Prepaid Stores Have Temporarily Closed

By now, you already know how serious the COVID-19 pandemic is. The carriers throughout the country have already announced their plans of action and how they plan to help their customers during this global health threat.

It is so serious that governments around the world have already encouraged their citizens to stay at home.

But if you really have to leave your home to head to a prepaid and dealer store, here are some of the ones that have made changes to their hours:

Boost Mobile 

Sprint has decided to keep their Boost Mobile corporate and authorized retail stores open. Most of the stores are also following normal hours. In-store activations, however, have went down. But as noticed by Wave7 Research, port-in activity stays strong.

Customers going through a financial difficulty at this time are encouraged to contact Boost Mobile. They have also started to offer free international calling to countries that the CDC have classified as Level 3 travel and danger warning.

Other things they are doing right now:

  • Activation fees waived
  • Unlimited LTE data plan customers get extra 20GB mobile hotspot at no extra cost
  • Customers on a 4G LTE data cap plan get extra 20GB high-speed data at no extra cost

Policy remains in place until April 30, 2020. 

Cricket Wireless

AT&T's prepaid brand has temporarily closed some of its stores, especially the ones inside a mall. They have opted to keep some stores open, however, but with reduced hours. Company-owned and authorized retail stores are open from 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM but are closed on Sundays. Authorized retailers will be open from Monday-Friday, while corporate-owned stores are open from Monday-Saturday. 

They are aiming to reopen their stores on April 1, 2020. 

Cricket Wireless is helping its customers:
  • Waived reactivation fees
  • Waived automated phone system payment
  • Customers can split their bill into two payments under BridgePay

Metro by T-Mobile

Most of the Metro by T-Mobile stores remain open but have reduced hours. All stores situated inside malls and some corporate-owned stores have been temporarily closed until further notice. Some dealers remain open until 6:00 pm instead of the usual 7:00 or 8:00 pm closing time. 

How is Metro by T-Mobile helping its customers?
  • Contact company for support
  • All current subscribers get unlimited data until May 12
  • Customers with mobile hotspot get 10GB for free each month until May 19 
  • Free international calling to all customers to landlines in select countries

To know more on how carriers are responding to this public health crisis, visit this link

Seriously, folks. Stay at home!


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