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Some Ting Mobile Customers Not Aware 3G Service Will Be Phased Out Soon

With the onset of 5G networks, it is only normal for wireless providers to start the process of transitioning their customers to enjoy data speeds better. This means that the 3G network will be phased out in a few months. Unfortunately, a number of Ting Mobile's subscribers do not realize that their service will be affected.

The MVNO operates under the networks of Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon. It currently has 289,100 subscriptions under these three networks. The network providers have already announced that they will be making the necessary transitions. As of this writing, Verizon is aiming to complete re-farming 3G bands for LTE by December 2020. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has not yet made any announcements on when it intends to sunset its 3G network. It still uses its Band 2 (1900 MHz) and Band 4 (1700/2100 MHz) for its 3G services.

Roughly 17 percent of U.S. subscribers are still using 3G networks. This is an estimate made by GSMA Intelligence on their 2019 Mobile Economy North America report. This number equates to about 47.3 million users.

Back in January, Ting Mobile surveyed 1,500 smartphone users. Out of this number, it was discovered that 79 percent did not know that the 3G network will be phased out. They also did not realize that they will need to update their devices when the 3G sunset process is completed. For Verizon-based customers, however, this means that they will have to update their device before the year ends.

In a recent blog post, Ting explained:

"It's also important to note these network upgrades can actually affect certain 4G devices. When 3G infrastructure is decommissioned, this not only negatively affects users with 3G devices but also 4G phones that don't support Voice over LTE."

Ting's director of Content, Andrew Moore-Crispin, shared that:

"It's surprising to see how many 2G and 3G users are unconcerned about their network going away -- this could be an indicator that they don't realize that their mobile devices will likely just stop working one day."

According to Wave7 Research's Jeff Moore, only a small percentage of users have a 3G-only device. It's important to note that most phones today offer 4G and 3G connectivity, and 3G is offered "as a fallback option."

More importantly, there are already retailers that have stopped activating devices that are not VoLTE compatible. This is, perhaps, the biggest help for customers at this point.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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