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T-Mobile Alerts Customers of Data Breach Attempt

Earlier today, a number of T-Mobile customers received a text message from the service provider. The text message alerted users of a data breach attempt on their information.

The text read:

"T-Mobile Alert: We recently identified and shut down a security event involving some of your account information. Your financial information and SSN were not affected. Go to t-mo.co/Alert for more details."

Upon clicking the link, users were directed to an official "notice of data breach" that acknowledged "a sophisticated attack recently identified and quickly shot down" by the wireless provider. As it turns out, T-Mobile's cybersecurity team was only able to "shot down the attack" after unauthorized access to the account information of customers were accessed by "sophisticated" hackers.

The good news is that the hackers were unable to get any financial information or Social Security Number of customers. The only information they were able to gain access to include customer's name, address, account numbers, phone numbers, rate plans, features, and other billing information.

There's no telling how many customers' information they were able to access and how extensive this attack was. But if you received the alert, it may be best that you review your information and update your personal identification number.

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