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T-Mobile, Verizon Will Temporarily Be Closing Its Stores

A few days ago, wireless carriers have announced how they plan to help their customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. Apart from waiving late fees and pledging to not terminate service, T-Mobile and Verizon are both taking another step to combat the virus.

The two carriers earlier announced that they will be shutting down their stores temporarily.

T-Mobile plans to close all of its stores situated inside indoor malls until further notice. These stores include T-Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, and its dealers. The carrier promised to continue compensating its teams and supporting independent operators until the end of the month.

For Verizon's part, the company announced that they will temporarily be closing several of its stores throughout the country. There is no word on until when the closure will be.

Customers are reminded by both carriers that they can seek assistance and make purchases online so they no longer have to leave their homes. If you are one of their customers, you may seek assistance through these numbers and websites:



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