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TCL Unveils Two Latest Concept Phones

TCL has just unwrapped a couple of concept devices that it has been working on for the past few months. These two devices stand out because of their unique display screens. 

The first device that TCL introduced is a phone with a rollable display. It features a 6.75-inch flexible AMOLED screen that can be extended to 7.8 inches. The screen contains internal motors that upon pressing a button, extends the screen or roll it up into its body. Unlike other foldable phones, the rollable display does not contain any creases or wrinkles. This results in a clean and flat screen for seamless multitasking and split-screen use. 

The other device that TCL introduced today is a tri-fold tablet. This device is not entirely a new thing. It was showed off last year by the smartphone manufacturer. In order to create a smooth fold, there are two hinges on the device. On its own, the device has a 10-inch display. But it unfolds to a 6.65-inch screen with 3K resolution and 20.8:9 aspect ratio. 

The official photos of the tri-fold tablet show that it will be equipped with a USB-C port and four rear cameras. It also comes with a 3D holographic finish. 

Unfortunately, there has not been any announcement of launch date or pricing for either device. But we'll be sure to keep an eye out when it comes. 

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