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Tello Mobile Offering Double Data & Talk to All Customers

During this difficult time, it really helps when your network provider gives you a little something extra to help. Several other carriers have already announced how they are helping their customers by signing the Keep Americans Connected Pledge and by offering extra data. Now, Tello Mobile has unveiled how it's doing the same.

Starting today, Tello customers will be getting double data and minutes at the same price. This applies to both new and existing customers.

It is available for any data plan. According to the Sprint MVNO, everything left on the user's remaining balance will be doubled.

For example, you only have 1GB and 100 minutes on your 4GB/300 minutes plan. With this promotion in place, your balance will be doubled to 2GB and 200 minutes at no extra charge. On your next bill date, your rate plan will be doubled to 8GB and 600 minutes for the same price. You'll still need to pay the $14 per month price that the original plan comes with.

This double data promotion is available until May 29, 2020.

For more information, visit this page.

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