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Tracfone Unveils New eBay & Amazon Exclusive Offer

Earlier this month, Tracfone Wireless unveiled an Amazon and eBay exclusive promotion where they offered a $25 gift card with a SIM kit purchase and activation on eligible plans. 
Today, the service provider took the wraps off a new promotion that coincides with the previous offer.
The new offer gives a $50 gift card from Amazon or eBay to those who purchase a device priced at least $49 and activates it on a $15 or higher qualifying plan. 
Again, the gift card that will be given to the customer will depend on which store the purchase was made at. 
The offer requires the plan and device purchase to be made during the same transaction, either from eBay or Amazon. It cannot be combined with the previous offer, unfortunately. 
Both promotions are set to run until April 30, 2020. 

Source: SlickDeals 

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