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Wireless Carriers Pledge to Waive Late Fees Due to Coronavirus

With the coronavirus continuing to cause a problem throughout the world, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has decided to take measures for continuous connectivity.

To be more specific, the government agency asked service providers to participate in a Keep Americans Connected Pledge. The good news is, all the major carriers in the US have signed it already.

With this pledge in place, involved companies are requested not to cancel service of small business and residential customers who are unable to pay their bills. The pledge also requests carriers to suspend any late fees that will be incurred by its customers. And during this difficult time, the Wi-Fi hotspot of their customers will stay connected.

Among those who have signed for the Keep Americans Connected Pledge are:

You can see a full list of the companies here. The pledge will be valid for a total of 60 days beginning today. 

Source: Phone Arena 


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  1. Too bad Red Pocket hasn't joined in or at least give unlimited throttled data to everyone during this time period. I am sure it would help everyone even it is slow and it would only be temporary, not long term unless it is part of your plan.

  2. I see that tracphone, straight talk, signed the agreement. Yet, I don't have a working phone this morning. I lost my job 2 weeks ago, because I am a server. My ex is coming almost 2 hours away to bring our kids back to me this morning and has no way of getting ahold of me. He doesn't have social media or use email. He has a phone.
    I chatted with a straight talk representative a few days ago asking for an extension and was told that as soon as they know something, then I will get a text. How does that help me today? This is not the time to screw with people. As soon as I am able, I will be switching phone service to any of the companies that actually honored the agreement and treated their customers like human beings during all of this. I am so mad!

    1. Yeah I just talked to Straight Talk cuz my service ends in 7 days and they aint even Trying to back up their own pledge. All they have to say to eveyone " free benefits are not available u will have to buy a plan, I'll be more then happy to assist u with this!". Yeah I bet so. So far all theyve pledged is to continue soakin up ppls money regardless of the pandemic. Here I am, along with alot of u out there, got laid off from my job last month, still haven't received my unemployment, and also filled my tax return 2 months ago, and still havent received that either. No income what so ever, only 4cents in my account,cant go no where, cant work nowhere cuz of corona, what the hell is anybody supposed to do with that right now? Yet these places pledging and sayin this and that and that they're here for us but yet here we are, ppl like me and u left here with absolutely nothing but even more stress worrying if and how to make it thru, and for alot of us, like me, our phone service is all we have left right now, left to keep in contact with ppl, left to keep ourselves in contact, stay sane (tv, gaming, music), and they cant even let us keep that during all this

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