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Apple & Google's Contact Tracing Tech Ready to Release on April 28th

Apple and Google are both working hard together to beat this pandemic.

In a rare opportunity, the two have joined forces to come up with a COVID-19 contact tracking technology. And today, the two companies revealed that they are releasing this technology ahead of schedule.

When the project was first announced, they targeted a release date of the prototype in three to six weeks. But since they were able to complete it earlier than anticipated, they are ready to release the technology to developers on April 28th. This took the two companies just two weeks to create the prototype.

The news was revealed by Apple CEO Tim Cook to European commissioner Thierry Breton via video conference. In the meeting, the commissioner urged Apple to keep the technology in line with EU privacy laws; which means it would stay anonymous, transparent, voluntary, interoperable, secure, and temporary. The EU says that this contact tracing tech will only be approved for a limited time during this health crisis, as long as it complies with these rules.

In addition to Apple and Google's technology, France is coming up with its own COVID-19 tracking app called StopCovid. They are hoping to launch this technology on May 11th, when the lockdown orders in the country will also be lifted. The French government, however, intends to utilize Bluetooth technology. Unfortunately, this could be affected by Apple's restrictions on how third-party apps can access Bluetooth data. This concern was not addressed by Breton during the meeting. But the commissioner said that "technical considerations must be settled at the member state [and not the EU] level."

Google and Apple's contact tracing tech promises to be fully interoperable across iOS and Android devices. Once the API is released, public health authorities will be able to use the technology in the apps they create. But in order to be effective, these apps need to be installed by a large number of devices. Both Apple and Google have plans to come up with a more complete contact-tracing technology that will be integrated into their devices without needing to install an app.

For more news on this tech, visit Google's blog.



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  1. Thank goodness I recently bought Google Pixel 4XL $549 unlocked so I don't need to have this [email protected] pre-installed.

    1. Don't worry, it will be part of a security update soon.

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