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Black Wireless' Recently Launched Unlimited Everything Plan is Cancelled

Black Wireless' Recently Launched Unlimited Everything Plan is Cancelled
Back in February, Black Wireless rolled out a plan that offered unlimited talk, text, 50GB of high-speed data, and 20GB of mobile hotspot. The plan cost $25 per month but came with a multi-month purchase requirement. Now it looks like this is a questionable move.

Over the years, Black Wireless have always operated under AT&T's network. So when they launched the new plan in February and offered it under T-Mobile's network, it raised a lot of eyebrows. And true enough, subscribers who purchased the plan have gotten a notice that their plan is being cancelled. They also received a text message from the MVNO, which they shared on Reddit.

The message read:

"Hello, this is Black Wireless. Unfortunately, we have forfeited our contract with our vendor for T-Mobile services due to business reasons. Your service will stop by April the 10th, thus we contacted you to see whether you wish to continue the service with us and in tis case we will add a web credit on your online Black Wireless account so you can use the credit to purchase a new plan with a SIM. Once you get the SIM you can port in your number on it. please check our plans at our website : https://www.blackwireless.com/plans. The other option is to port out to another service and get refunded. Once you decide, Please reply back with your decision, or call customer service at 1-844-252-2532."

The text surprised the users, especially it's just been a month since they subscribed to it. And what's more is that Black Wireless is giving its customers just a week to make a decision, with the COVID-19 pandemic and all.

And apparently, this is also the case with the similar plan that Mango Mobile offered. The two are owned by Red Pocket Mobile.

Right now, there has not yet been any official word on why the promo plan was cancelled. But representatives from the two MVNOs shared that only a small number of subscribers received the text message in error. There were also some representatives who shared that the plans were oversold. So it's not possible that there were lost contracts with T-Mobile, as what some reports are suggesting.

But it does raise some doubts, especially since one user shared a screenshot of the welcome message he received from Black Wireless:

"Welcome to T-Mobile for business. You have 24/7 support. See why business is better with The Un-carrier: t-mo.com/2kdXWbj"

If it is proven that the MVNO is reselling T-Mobile business plans to individual consumers, they will be in deep trouble. They are unauthorized to do this and may cause them to lose their contract or even have to shut down. We'll know for sure once Black Wireless gives an official statement.

Source: Reddit 

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