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Boost Mobile Preparing to Launch New Service that Offers VoLTE Calling

Early this month, T-Mobile and Sprint announced that they will be merging into one company known as the New T-Mobile. This is all after a series of events that involved lawsuits and several petitions. And part of the reason why the two companies were allowed to merge was that Sprint's prepaid brand, Boost Mobile, would be sold to Dish Network as a way of being the fourth competitor in the wireless industry.

According to a report by Wave7 Research, Boost Mobile is getting ready to launch "The Boost Mobile Expanded Data Network"; which gives users access to the networks of T-Mobile. Boost Mobile has already sent out a message to its dealers with a potential test launch date on April 28th before its nationwide launch in mid-May.

So what is this Expanded Data Network all about? According to the prepaid brand, its subscribers will get to enjoy improved service features. When the service launches, dealers will be able to offer devices that come with VoLTE capabilities. This will give them better quality on their audio calls and be able to use voice and surf the internet while using LTE data. As of this writing, the only device that allows VoLTE enabled calls on Boost's network is the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G.

Another thing to expect from the new service is that customers will be able to change SIMs between devices much easily.

It's important to note, however, that customers using an older phone may not be able to enjoy these new changes. This is because these devices do not have the correct radio bands that access T-Mobile's network or even have installed software for VoLTE calling.

We'll stay tuned for more news on this new service.

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