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Dish Network Still Interested in Buying Boost Mobile

In order for T-Mobile and Sprint's merger to be approved, it needed one crucial factor that was quickly met by Dish Network.

One argument of those opposing the merger was that when the two companies merged, the other carriers would increase their prices since there would only be three rival brands. This prompted Dish Network to show interest in acquiring Sprint's Boost Mobile brand and build it as the fourth key player in the wireless phone market.

But right now, it looks like the Boost Mobile acquisition has not yet been set on stone. With the coronavirus pandemic affecting the country right now, it will definitely affect Dish Network's plans. And right now, the satellite TV company has kept mum on its 5G rollout plans.

According to Light Reading, however, Dish still intends to acquire Boost Mobile. The acquisition will likely close by the end of this quarter, which is around June. When the acquisition is closed, Dish will be supervising the transfer of over 9 million Boost Mobile customers.

Given the current situation though, it's likely that the Department of Justice (DOJ) will give Dish an extension of its 5G deployment schedule. We're excited to see how Dish will take care of Boost Mobile and its customers.


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  1. dish network has kept it's prices down to satellite cutomers by refusing to be blackmailed by greedy program suppliers.
    i expect that they will also sek to keep prices low for cell customers.
    and, they can always partner up with a tech company such as apple or google, as well as the 900 pound gorilla known as amazon.

  2. Dish should just give their unused spectrum/bands to T-mobile and call it a day.

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