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Google Offering Free Repair for First Responders & Healthcare Professionals

Earlier this week, Samsung unveiled its latest way of helping those in the frontline of this pandemic.

The South Korean manufacturer gave out free smartphone repairs to Galaxy device owners. They also offered a 30% exclusive discount on purchases on their website. Following this example, Google has stepped up and is also offering a similar deal.

Like Samsung's offer, Google's free repair is exclusive to first responders and healthcare professionals. This is exclusive to Google Pixel device owners too.

According to the announcement, Pixel owners can have their phone fixed from any type of damage, which includes camera issues, speaker issues, battery replacements, and screen damage. In some cases, liquid damage can also be fixed.

If you own a Google Pixel device and you need help having it fixed, you can head over to one of the locations of uBreakiFix store to have it fixed for free. The offer is available until June 30th. You will need to show proof that you are a healthcare professional or a first responder so you can get the free repair offer.

Source: GlobalNewsWire


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