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Metro by T-Mobile Brings Down Price of iPhone 7 to $29.99

For quite some time now, Boost Mobile has been selling the iPhone 7 at $29.99. Meanwhile, Metro by T-Mobile competed with the pricing and offered it at $99.99 for switchers. But with the arrival of the new iPhone SE 2020, the T-Mobile prepaid brand has brought down the price to $29.99.

This latest move by T-Mobile could be one of its efforts to connect its prepaid offering with the Sprint-owned prepaid brand. Considering that Boost Mobile will soon be turned over to its new owner, DISH Network, T-Mobile may be making this an option for its customers to switch to. The other move that T-Mobile did was that it launched a $15 plan that matched what Boost Mobile offered.

If you are interested in getting the iPhone 7 at $29.99, you can head over to their website. It looks like this is an in-store exclusive sale. You will have to activate service under the $40 per month plan. The offer is also exclusive to new customers who port-in.

The $29.99 price is for the base 32GB variant of the iPhone 7. Taxes cost extra and you will have to pay the $15 activation fee.

For more information on this offer, visit this page.

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