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Report: Metro by T-Mobile Sends Out Notice to Non-Exclusive Dealers

It looks like Metro by T-Mobile is becoming strict with its non-exclusive dealers. According to reports, T-Mobile has sent out a notice to these dealers that they will no longer be allowed to carry the prepaid brand if they sell other brands too.

The report was confirmed by the National Wireless Independent Dealer Association (NWIDA) last Friday. According to them, several sources already reported to them about the 120-day termination notice that T-Mobile gave to non-exclusive stores. Around 250 to 750 stores have received the notice.

There is close to 9,000 Metro by T-Mobile stores nationwide. 98% of this number is operated by independent dealers compared to the stores owned by the company. This number is noted by Wave7 Research,  who shares that this is a direction that T-Mobile has been moving towards.

With regards to the reason, it's unlikely that it has to do with cost-cutting measures since the rent of these stores are paid by the dealers themselves. It's possible that T-Mobile wants "dealers who are all in on Metro," Wave7 Research shared. The likely scenario is that T-Mobile does not want its prepaid brand to be sold beside its competitors.

Right now, T-Mobile has not commented on the topic.

Source: Fierce Wireless 

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