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Report: Metro by T-Mobile Shutting Down Several of Its Stores

Earlier this month, there were reports that Metro by T-Mobile sent out a notice to its non-exclusive dealers. The report said that these dealers will no longer be allowed to carry the prepaid brand if they continue selling other brands. Today, new reports have emerged that T-Mobile will be shutting down more Metro stores too.

The report was first tweeted by Peter Adderton and was later confirmed from multiple sources. As it turns out, Metro by T-Mobile has already issued a 120-day termination letter to several stores. The recipients of the termination letter comprise of a mix of low performers, "end of lease" stores, and even some larger dealers. Although the exact figure isn't known, NWIDA believes it is close to 1,500 stores.

Apart from these dealer stores, T-Mobile will be closing down some of its own stores too.

One of the possible reasons for these closures is the fact that more and more people are now turning to making online transactions. This is brought about by the ongoing pandemic. So even though Metro is considered among the "big 3" MVNOs, shutting down these stores seem like a sensible decision.

After the report was published, T-Mobile issued this statement:

"We are always optimizing our retail footprint as a normal course of business to ensure we are in the best position to support the thousands of communities we serve across the U.S. We recently notified some dealer stores that we will transition them to T-Mobile stores and we will also close a small number of redundant locations."

Source: NWIDA 

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