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Report Shows Prepaid Wireless Industry Not Affected as Much as Postpaid Brands

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected just about every single industry and continues to affect the rest of the world. In the wireless industry, it looks like the prepaid wireless brands are not getting as much damage as compared to the postpaid sector.

This was noticed by Wave7Research in its latest prepaid competition report. The company found that although there has been a negative impact on activations, it isn't as bad as expected and is still comparatively better compared to postpaid. One possible factor that contributes to this could be the number of prepaid stores. While there are more stores that remain open, they are operating at reduced hours.

The report showed that 73% of prepaid stores remained open as of April 8. These stores include Boost Mobile, Metro by T-Mobile, Cricket Wireless, and Total Wireless. This is a far cry from the 46% postpaid wireless retail stores that stayed open at the end of March. The big four carriers closed their company-owned stores since last month as a way of responding to stay-at-home orders. Independent dealers seemed to have disregarded this order and made their own decision whether they should continue business or temporarily close their shops.

The report by Wave7 does not include non-exclusive dealers since these sell more than one prepaid brand.

Source: FierceWireless 



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  1. No this is not correct that independent dealers choose to stay open, If we closed our boost stores corporate stated they would withhold commissions, So it was a bs situation

  2. In my hood the T-Mobile store was closed, the Sprint store was closed with a large "for lease" sign in the window, but the Metro store was still open.

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