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Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is On Sale Today

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra is currently on sale at eBay.

This device is Samsung's latest flagship smartphone. And although it looks to be a pretty promising device, it's not something that people are lining up for considering they have other priorities right now. This may be why the Galaxy S20 lineup is failing to meet the company's sales objectives.

Upon its release, the base model for the Galaxy S20 Ultra cost $1,400. And it still costs pretty much the same price at other retailers.

Thankfully, you can get your hands on this device for $1,049.99. This model comes as a brand new, unused and unopened device. You can even pick from the Cosmic Black or Cosmic Grey color options.

If you are interested in getting this phone, visit this website.


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  1. International GSM only model. No CDMA support, no warranty. No thanks......

  2. thankfully it's only $1049 lol

  3. Instead, Get 4 Pix3a for the entire family & still save 49$!

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