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Samsung Offering Free Repairs for the Frontline

Almost every single company right now is affected by this pandemic. Tech companies are no different. As a matter of fact, they have had to shut down their factories, reduce production of smartphones, and end up having lesser sales on their newly released models. One of the affected companies is Samsung.

Despite all these, the South Korean manufacturer has announced that it will be helping out with those who need it the most. Previously, the company has made a number of donations to different COVID-19 response groups. They have also released recovery funds for the US and India. Now, they have unveiled a couple of programs designed specifically to "care for those who care for us."

Free Repairs for the Frontline

The first program that the company has released is called "Free Repairs for the Frontline".  This US-only offer provides free smartphone repairs for frontliners-- doctors, nurses, hospital employees, firefighters, EMT, or police officers. These individuals continue to face the threat of the virus every single day while the rest of the country awaits at home.

Under this program, you can have your busted device fixed without paying anything. If you have a broken Galaxy smartphone, you can have it fixed at no cost until June 30th. This includes just about any damage, except for liquid damage. It also requires your phone to turn on before they can fix it. The program excludes tablets and wearables.

If you have proof that you are a First Responder, you just need to provide valid identification and have your phone fixed by a local uBreakiFix location. Another option is to set up a mail-in repair by calling 1-800-SAMSUNG hotline. Samsung will even cover the shipping costs.

Discounts for First Responders 

The other program that Samsung is offering is a discount of up to 30% on any purchase made via samsung.com. The details on this program are unclear at this time, so we'll have to wait until Samsung clears this up.

This offer is valid for first responders and healthcare professionals in the US.

To learn more about this offer, visit this website.

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