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Straight Talk Wireless Running Mother's Day Promotion

straight-talk-wireless-mothers-day-promotionStraight Talk Wireless recently made changes to one of the plans it offers.

As noticed by a reader, the Tracfone-owned MVNO now offers 5GB of high-speed data on its $35 per month plan. This is an increase from the 3GB data they normally offer with the plan.

As noted by BestMVNO, the new change was first spotted at a local Walmart store. But it took a week for the change to be updated on Straight Talk's website. This plan also comes with unlimited talk, text, and data. Once the high-speed data allotment has been used up, the data speed reverts to 2G.

Apart from the new change to the plan, the MVNO is also running a couple of smartphone deals in line with its "The Perfect Mother's Day Gift Is Calling" promotion. Under this promotion, you can get the following devices at a discount:

  • Samsung Galaxy A10e - $59.99 (instead of $99.99)
  • Samsung Galaxy A20 - $119.99 (instead of $179.99)

The discount on both phones is said to last until May 31, or until supplies last. To know more about this promotion, visit this website


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  1. here is a truly mind-blowing item: my tracfone LG stylo has consistently gotten both android system updates and security updates.
    the cricket/at&t lg stylo has gotten nothing! it is still months behind of both, stuck atlast october, when i first got it.

    a change in policy from carlos sim, while incompetance has rained supreme at at&t, especially in direct tv. that both cell and dsatellite services have been ruined under the at&t ceo is amazing.

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