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T-Mobile Improves Network Speed Thanks to Spectrum Loaned from Dish

Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced that its merger with Sprint has been finalized. This news comes at a time when the number of coronavirus cases in the country has grown exponentially. Despite the uncertainty with finances nowadays, T-Mobile has responded well to the pandemic.

The Magenta carrier reacted to the health crisis in various ways. To start with, the Un-carrier closed down most of its stores. They also signed the Keep Americans Connected pledge, offered unlimited high-speed data to its users, and even launched a new $15 per month plan.  Not to mention, the company borrowed spectrum as a way of helping expand its network capacity and boost speeds to meet the demands of its users.

T-Mobile was able to execute this plan surprisingly quickly, requiring no more than three days to initiate its deployment of spectrum that they were able to borrow from Dish Network and some other companies. This is highlighted on a recently published report by OpenSignal.

The report discovered that T-Mobile was able to greatly improve its network capacity before March ended. The report analyzed the top 100 US cellular market areas (CMAs) in the country. Out of this number, T-Mobile impacted 89 of these markets. When March ended, the 4G download speeds experienced by T-Mobile users doubled in number. This catapults T-Mobile's response to improve its network in the midst of the pandemic.

Good job, T-Mobile!

You can read the rest of OpenSignal's report here.


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  1. Great, if Tmo has a decent signal where you use a mobile phone. I had hopes with the merger but so far tmo signal is 0 to unstable/very weak and unusable still where I am/go.

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