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T-Mobile & Sprint Has Officially Merged

It's official! T-Mobile and Sprint have finally merged. T-Mobile revealed the big news today in its website where it also introduced the New T-Mobile.

As part of the merger, the company has named Mike Sievert the new CEO of the company. However, the former CEO, John Legere, will continue as one of the company's board of directors until June this year.

With the merger, T-Mobile promises that its network will be improved since it will be combining with Sprint's spectrum. The combination of low-, mid-, and high-band spectrum from both carriers, the new network will be able to have 14 times more capacity in the next 6 years compared to what it has today.

The company foresees that its 5G network will reach 99% of the population and provide more than 100Mbps average 5G speeds to 90% of the population within that same timeframe. As for those who reside in rural areas, the merger will allow the company to cover 90% of these users with an average 50Mbps 5G speed.

With the merger now official, T-Mobile says it will be offering similar or better rate plans for its customers for three years. This is in reference to the $15 T-Mobile Connect plan that the company launched last week. The plan was supposed to be launched after the merger is official. But with the outbreak, T-Mobile decided to launch it earlier.

In addition to this, T-Mobile will be providing first responders a free unlimited talk, text, and smartphone data plan. They also intend to offer up to 100GB of free internet access along with free Wi-Fi hotspot to 10 million homes in the next five years. This way, kids can do their homework with internet connection.

As part of its deal with the US Department of Justice, Dish Network will be acquiring Sprint's prepaid businesses, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile. This includes the 9.3 million customers that it currently serves. In addition to this, Dish is buying Sprint's 800MHz nationwide spectrum portfolio so it can build its 5G network. This will also give Dish access to T-Mobile and Sprint's 20,000 cell sites and retail stores. Finally, Dish is getting "robust access" to T-Mobile's network for the next seven years.

You can read more about the announcement here.

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