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Total Wireless' $35/Month Plan Now Comes With Unlimited 2G Data

Total Wireless has finally made a much anticipated change to one of its plans.

Starting today, the Verizon MVNO's $35 phone plan includes unlimited 2G data once the high-speed data allotment has been used up.

This change comes after the MVNO's recent plan update in January. Back then, the company added unlimited data with the first 1GB at high-speed on its $25 plan.

Their other plan, the $35 per month plan, did not include unlimited 2g data after high-speed data allotment was used up. This saddened a lot of their customers, which is perhaps a big reason why the MVNO has decided to update this plan and include unlimited 2G data to it.

With this new change, all of the plans offered by Total Wireless now include unlimited talk, text, and data with their corresponding high-speed data allotment. Once this allotted data is used up, the speed is throttled to 2G data.

You can read more about this announcement here.

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