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Tracfone Brings Down Price of Unlimited Annual Plan to $29.99

Once again, Tracfone has decided to bring down the price on its eBay exclusive annual plan.

The annual plan, launched last year, comes with 1200 minutes, 1200 text messages, and 3GB of data.

At the time of its launch, the plan cost $49.99 per year. Ever since then, it has been discounted a few more times. And today, Tracfone has once again lowered the price of this plan.

Right now, the plan costs $29.99 per year. When you purchase it, you have a choice to activate it on AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon's networks. You will receive a SIM card with preloaded airtime, but you will need to activate it.

There is reason to believe this plan will remain at $29.99 per year permanently. If you are interested in picking up this plan, make sure to do it right away since it's selling quickly.

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