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US Mobile Unleashes 5G Network, Soon to Launch Its Own 5G Plans

US Mobile has just unveiled what it's been busy with for the past few months. The prepaid provider has launched its own 5G network that uses high-frequency mmWaves and advanced network techniques, such as Adaptive Beam Switching and the mix of Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) and Carrier Aggregation in order to deliver Warp speeds.

With the launch of its 5G network, they are assuring their users that traffic is treated equally with the highest priority. In areas where 5G is not available, the network will be switched to 4G LTE automatically.

Along with the launch of its 5G networks, US Mobile has unveiled a new 5G plan. This plan starts at $65 per month for one line. When you add more lines, you get to enjoy a discount on each. The second line costs $55 per month, any subsequent lines cost $50 per month. Not to mention, you will be entitled to US Mobile's perks programs. You can enjoy free subscriptions from Netflix, Disney+, and many more. Every unlimited 5G line under the plan also comes with up to 15GB of high-speed international roaming.

US Mobile plans to launch its 5G plans in early July. But if you sign up for their waiting list, you can get access to a special plan that gives you 3 months of the 5G plan at $100. You can click here to learn more about this offer. US Mobile is also working on revamping their unlimited plans to provide more options to its customers. More news on this when it becomes available.

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