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Wireless Carriers Have Donated Almost 40,000 Chargers to Hospitals

As the country deals with the ongoing health crisis, the wireless carriers in the country are also doing their part to help the lives of those affected by this virus.

They have done so by signing and extending the coverage of the Keep Americans Connected pledge and even by providing free MBs of data to their customers. Now, it looks like they are teaming up again to distribute chargers to those in the frontline.

Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T have partnered with iHeartMedia to procure and deliver thousands of cellphone chargers to hospitals. According to the report, these chargers will be distributed to COVID-19 patients so they have a way of charging their phones. The press release shares that the donation has counted up to almost 40,000 chargers donated by the three carriers.

T-Mobile shared that it already gave out 20,000 chargers to hospitals situated in New York City, Seattle, New Orleans, San Diego, and Los Angeles. Verizon has also sent out chargers to healthcare providers based in Chicago, Boston, New Orleans, New York, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Seattle. Meanwhile, AT&T says that it will send out thousands of chargers and distribute these to "hospitals in cities across the country that have been hit the hardest by the virus."

Local communities started this initiative. iHeartMedia and wireless carriers have only extended their assistance, especially at a time when this is the only way patients can get in touch with their loved ones while they stay in the hospital. And since this can last anywhere from 10 to 13 days, having a smartphone to keep them preoccupied is the best way they can stay sane.

Source: T-Mobile 


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