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AT&T Prepaid Unveils New BridgePay Plans, Updates Offers

AT&T Prepaid has just unveiled its latest offers.

Among the offers they revealed today include a data allocation update to its $35 phone plan, a new feature called "BridgePay", and some promotions on new devices.

$35 Plan Update

The AT&T prepaid brand has updated its $35 per month plan to include a higher amount of high-speed data. Previously, this plan only included 1GB of data. With today's change, it now comes with 2GB high-speed data and the usual stuff-- unlimited talk, text, and international text. It also includes mobile hotspot usage and 1080p streaming.

Once the 2GB high-speed data is used up, data is throttled to the maximum 128Kbps speed.


Today's announcement also includes the reveal of AT&T Prepaid's new feature, BridgePay.

This feature comes at a much-needed time. When subscribers are unable to make a full payment on their plan, they can have their service extended to an extra 7 days after the plan has expired.

You have two options available:

  • $15 plan - comes with unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of high-speed data
  • $20 plan - comes with unlimited talk, text, and 4GB of high-speed data

There is an option to add BridgePay to an existing prepaid plan once it has expired. The allocated data offered under BridgePay plans gets rolled over if another add-on is purchased before the existing one expires. 

Phone Promos

As for the phones that AT&T Prepaid is currently offering under a promotion, these include the following: 
  • Alcatel TETRA - $29.99
  • Apple iPhone 6S - $99.99 
  • Apple iPhone SE 2020 - $349.99 
  • LG Arena 2 - $69.99
  • LG Phoenix 4 - $39.99
  • Nokia 3.1A - $49.99
  • Samsung Galaxy J2 Dash - $59.99

These phones require purchase of one of AT&T's plans offered. Visit their website for specific plans required in the phone you wish to purchase. 

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  1. What to know about BridgePay
    If you get this monthly Add-On, you can:

    Extend your service for 7 days after your plan expires.
    Enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data (1GB or 4GB) in the U.S.
    Add BridgePay only after your existing prepaid plan expires.
    Roll over BridgePay data if you buy another Add-On before the current one expires.

  2. https://www.att.com/support/topic/wireless/topic_planfeature-topic_attttdplan-topic_gophoneplans21

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