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Code Reveals End-to-End Encryption May Be Coming to RCS Chat

It looks like Google has some big plans for its Rich Communication Services (RCS) messaging platform.

According to reports, the tech giant intends to add end-to-end encryption to this chat service to make messages more secure. This adds to the list of advantages RCS chat has over regular text messages, among which include read receipts, typing indicators, and higher-resolution photos and videos support.

The report, coming from 9to5Google, showed an internal "dogfood" build of version 6.2 Google Messages that was intended for internal testing among Google's employees. Inside the code, they were able to find evidence that suggest end-to-end encryption could soon be a feature.

In addition to finding end-to-end encryption code, there were other strings of code that suggested solid internet connection is needed for this feature. If the connection is not as stable, the message can be opted to be sent as SMS but Google will warn that it won't be encrypted. If encryption is preferred, users will have to wait until they have "an improved data connection."

Google Messages' code also suggest that extra precautions will be put in place to protect end-to-end encrypted messages. One practice they are applying is requiring permission to see encrypted messages by apps.

Right now, there is no official announcement on when this feature will be available in the Google Messages app. But it's nice to see that Google is working on this feature for its users.

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