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Consumer Cellular Introduces New Plan with "Unlimited" Data

Consumer Cellular has just unveiled a new unlimited data plan.

This new plan offered by the AT&T and T-Mobile wireless provider costs $60 per month on a single plan. Additional lines can be added at $15 per line. All lines share talk, text, and data, which means the 35GB high-speed data allotment is also shared by all the users. Taxes and fees are not yet included and will cost extra.

The term "unlimited data" doesn't seem to be what you would normally expect though. Upon thorough reading of their fine print, you'd see that this new "unlimited" data plan actually includes 35GB of high-speed data and unlimited 2G data once that high-speed data allotment has been used up.

What that means is that the plan does not really offer unlimited high-speed data, just unlimited 2G data, which can be pretty slow compared to 4G LTE standards.

Another thing that Consumer Cellular changed in its plan lineup is that it removed two of the cheapest plans they offered with the least number of subscribers. The plans they removed include the following:

  • $15 plan with 250 minutes
  • $20 plan with unlimited talk

To know more about the plan changes that Consumer Cellular made today, visit their website.


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  1. sound like they are moving most of their coverage from at&t to the t-mobile network towers.
    just like tracfone did with most of their brands moving to verizon and t-mobile from at&t also.
    that ceo that just left at&t messed up both the cell company and direct tv.

    1. IMHO, his number one mistake was not deploying fiber. His second mistake was trying to cover up this essential failure with DirecTV for TV and cellular hotspots for data. I think his number one win was FirstNet.

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